Laboratory of Advanced Materials has mainly focused on two fields so far:

  1. Transparent conducting oxide materials (TCOs):

    TCOs are used for electrode applications in optoelectronic devices such as photodiode, solar cells, light emitting diodes, optical fiber, laser diodes,… Recently, we focus on investigating how to improve the electrical (especically, enhancing electron mobility or increasing carrier concentration) and optical (improving the transparent in visible region) properties of mono- or codoped ZnO thin films by group three elements (Al, Ga, In, B), hydrogen or  halogen elements (F, Cl). Besides, we investigated the characteristics of Indium Tin oxide (ITO).

    Figure 1: Application of Transparent Conducting Oxide Materials on an Electronic Device. (source)
  2. Thermoelectric Materials (TEs)

    n-type materials: Group (III) elements doped ZnO thin films and bulks.
    p-type materials: Delafossite materials (CuCrO2)

    Figure 2: Schematic diagram of Thermoelectric Devices