Doan Thi Tu Uyen

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Researcher, Laboratory of Advanced Materials (AM-Lab), VNUHCM – University of Science

 Research Interest

Inorganic, organic and hybrid thin film materials

Resistive random access memory (RRAM)

Nanoparticles applied in sterilization

Research Achievements and Awards

Research projects

Member – Fabrication and investigation of resistive switching memory based-on inorganic-organic nanocomposite hybrid materials, Nafosted, 2018 – 2021 (Accomplished).

Member – Fabrication and investigation of resistive switching memory based-on perovskite materials, VNU-B, 2022 – 2024 (Processing).

Research awards

Award for Excellent Research in Science and Engineering Research Program for University Student, VNUHCM-US, 2020.

Consolation Prizes for Le Van Thoi Award For Excellent Graduation Thesis, VNUHCM-US, 2021.

Selected Publications



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Nhu Phuong Le Pham Quynh, Tu Uyen Doan Thi (co-first author), Kim My Tran, Hoang Nam Vu, Hanh Kieu Thi Ta, Cao Vinh Tran, Thang Bach Phan, Ngoc Kim Pham, Improving memory performance of PVA:ZnO nanocomposite: The experimental and theoretical approaches, Applied Surface Science, vol. 537, pp. 148000 (2021).



Uyen Tu Thi Doan, Anh Tuan Thanh Pham, Thang Bach Phan, Sungkyun Park, Anh Tuyen Luu, Quang Hung Nguyen, Thai Son Lo, Tran Duy Tap, Masataka Ohtani, Ngoc Kim Pham, Abnormal volatile and normal stable bipolar resistive switching characteristics of hybrid nanocomposites: Morphology–defects–property ‘Relationship, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 875, pp. 157602 (2021).



Kiet Tuan Nguyen, Dat Xuan Ngoc Mai, Uyen Tu Thi Doan, Thoai Trung Nguyen, Y Thi Dang, Hanh Kieu Thi Ta, Thang Bach Phan, Ngoc Kim Pham, The chitosan/ZnO bio-nanocomposites with selective antibacterial efficiency, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 36, no. 2, pp. 508-517 (2021).



Pham Kim Ngoc, Doan Thi Tu Uyen, Pham Le Quynh Nhu Phuong, Mai Ngoc Xuan Dat, The Resistive Switching Characteristics and Electrical Conduction Mechanisms of Memory Devices Based on Nanocomposite, VNU Journal of Science: Mathematics-Physics, vol. 37, pp. 3 (2021).



Tu Uyen Doan Thi, Trung Thoai Nguyen,Y Dang Thi, Kieu Hanh Thi Ta, Bach Thang Phan, Kim Ngoc Pham, Green synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using orange fruit peel extract for antibacterial activities, RSC Adv., vol. 10, pp. 23899-23907 (2020).



Phuc Dinh Do, Tu Uyen Thi Doan,  Tap Duy Tran,  Dung Van Hoang, Kim Ngoc Pham, The effect of content and thickness of chitosan thin films on resistive switching characteristics, Science and Technology Development Journal, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 632-639 (2020).



Doan Thi Tu Uyen, Nguyen Hung Hai, Ta Thi Kieu Hanh, Pham Kim Ngoc, The bipolar resistive switching characteristics of Ag/PVA:ZnO/FTO device, Vietnam National Conference of Solid Physics and Material Science (SPMS) XI proceeding, November 2-4, 2019, Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh.



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